Lea Houston

For years I thought 50 was the doorway to the downhill slide toward the end of life.

I was wrong! Coming into my fifties I experienced more freedom, within myself and in my circumstances, than ever before. A compelling power called forth buried gifts and longings, challenged my limitations and offered to nourish and guide me. This is the Power of Love. Available to all of us all the time, it is especially potent at midlife, guiding us toward our fullness and deep delight in the second half of life and becoming an important evolutionary force for the world.

Activate Your Power of Midlife Love and Enjoy Midlife as:
An exciting portal of opportunity,
An invitation to become who you really are,
A call to live life more fully, more consciously and more happily than ever before,
A perfect time to love, heal, transform and illuminate yourself and the world.

What will you do with The Power of Your Midlife Love?

Lea Bayles (formerly Lea Houston) is the author of the forthcoming book, The Power of Midlife Love.

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Going to Your Land of Solutions

In 1878 Thomas Edison made an outrageously bold statement, “I shall discover and develop for the world a system of illumination that will completely eliminate our current requirement on oil lamp illumination.”

By 1879 he introduced the electric light bulb and in 1882 was instrumental in establishing, in lower Manhattan, the first central power system. By the time he died at age 84 Edison had 1,093 US patents, a record which no one to date has matched!
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SHAKE Away Your Stress and Tension!

Shaking is a fabulous way to release stress from your muscles, lubricate your joints and get your circulation going. Shaking relieves anxiety, reduces tension, lets your thinking mind take a break and releases inner dams so your natural, healthy energy can move freely.
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