Going to Your Land of Solutions


In 1878 Thomas Edison made an outrageously bold statement, “I shall discover and develop for the world a system of illumination that will completely eliminate our current requirement on oil lamp illumination.”

By 1879 he introduced the electric light bulb and in 1882 was instrumental in establishing, in lower Manhattan, the first central power system. By the time he died at age 84 Edison had 1,093 US patents, a record which no one to date has matched!

When Edison made his bold statement he did not know  how he would perfect the electric light bulb.  Many people doubted he would succeed when so many had failed.

His remarkable success with this endeavor and with the astonishing variety and number of other inventions is surely due to many factors, including his innate brilliance, his passion for discovery, commitment to hard work and his great respect for the productive power of his imagination.

Thomas Edison developed and relied upon a wonderful and simple tool of imagination that is closely related to the interactive imagery processes I regularly use for myself and with my clients to bring clarity, guidance, creativity and pleasure to all aspects of our lives.

Edison learned that he could visit at will a state he called The Land Of Solutions, a place of mind between waking and sleep where he accessed answers, solutions and perspectives beyond his, or the culture’s,  knowledge base. Sitting in a chair, holding a rock, with a metal pail by his side, he would allow his thinking mind to become calm and relaxed, enter this particular imaginal realm he called the Land Of Solutions and then  ask for the next step, or the missing piece, in his scientific exploration. If he fell asleep the rock would drop into the bucket, waking him up so he could return to that richly creative, potent state that has now been identified as the hypnogogic state.

This Land of Solutions, this potent creative imaginal state of being is available for you just as it was for Thomas Edison. How could it be helpful to you today? Is there a question in your business, your creative work, your personal life that could use a bit of clarity?

Seven Simple Steps to Your Land Of Solutions

  1. Relax your body
  2. Allow your breath to flow easily and naturally. Each breath in, feel your body softening, each breath out, letting go of tension.
  3. Expand from everyday thinking mind to expansive, dreaming, imaginal mind: your Land Of Solutions.
  4. 4.    Offer a question or a wondering: offer into the spaciousness, into the bigger Mind, the mind of the Universe. Trust you have all you need right there.
  5. 5.    Receive  insights, answers, qualities words and images as they arise
  6. 6.    Give thanks.
  7. 7.    Write or draw notes or sketches to help you remember what came up for you.

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